Clean Uptown: Litter, Snow, and Graffiti Removal

Clean Uptown

Keeping Uptown beautiful

A considerable portion of the SSA’s budget is invested in making Uptown cleaner by funding work to remove snow, litter, and graffiti. Clean Uptown is the SSA’s initiative that funds 7-days a week litter removal, snow shoveling, as well as 1-day a week graffiti abatement by Cleanslate Chicago along Uptown’s major commercial corridors. Recently, the SSA amended its contract to combine litter and snow removal services to save costs without minimizing service.

Uptown United has worked with Cleanslate for nearly a decade. A social enterprise of The Cara Program, Cleanslate provides paid transitional jobs in neighborhood beautification that aim to both invigorate Chicago’s communities and provide a platform for individuals to build skills to secure lasting careers.

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Leslie, Uptown Cleanslate Crew Chief

uu-leslieCleanslate recently shared with us the story of Leslie, who has led the Cleanslate Uptown crew for several years. We at Uptown United are grateful for all his contributions:

“Transformations. A word you hear often but to see it is astonishing. Raised in Uptown near Wilson and Sheridan, Leslie encountered the same people doing the same things after his time in prison and didn’t like what he saw. Given the opportunity to work for Cleanslate, Leslie has not only transformed his life but he has dedicated much of his time transforming Uptown, and hasn’t looked back. “I have respect from the community, from my family, from my daughter, and I have respect for myself now. It feels good putting on this uniform and I’m passionate about what I do.”

Beautification Reports

Cleanslate provides Uptown United monthly reports of their work.
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