Green Uptown: Landscape Program

Green Uptown

A Green and Beautiful Uptown

Via Green Uptown, the SSA works to maintain and improve the neighborhood’s look and feel by funding the installation and maintenance of planters set on the sidewalks, as well as plant beds along Broadway. The plants in these are watered, trimmed, and replaced seasonally to help enliven the streetscape along Uptown’s key commercial corridors. Most recently, the SSA funded the installation and maintenance of eight planters in Sheridan Park planters along Wilson Avenue, as well as the maintenance of the bioswales along Argyle Avenue.

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SSA Planters

The SSA contracts out the maintenance of the following:
• 36 branded planters in Buena Park
• 8 branded planters in Sheridan Park
• 12 plant beds at Wilson Yard
• Argyle Shared Street bioswales