Look Uptown: Decorative Banner Program


Decorating Uptown’s Streetsl

Tied to its goals for beautifying Uptown, the Uptown SSA oversees the installation and maintenance of light pole banners across the neighborhood via its Look Uptown decorative banner program. These decorative banners act as markers for the communities within Uptown, denote holidays, the annual Pride parade, and the Lunar New Year. Many banners are sponsored by Uptown businesses.

Questions? Call 773-878-1064 or email: jweidl@uptownunited.org

About the Banner Design

2016-0712-ssa-34-program-overview1The most recent Uptown street banners were designed by Chicago artist and designer Judith Mayer. She describes the inspiration for her design:

“The Uptown banner design has Deco-inspired, geometric hand-lettering, alongside a composition of musical instruments, and peeking through is a criss-cross brick pattern-an architectural detail found on the Aragon and Uptown Theater buildings. All of the elements reflect the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, a designated music & entertainment district with strong roots in the prohibition era.”