Development Guidelines

Developers of new neighborhood projects or businesses seeking zoning changes are urged to present their project to our Development Partners Council early in the development process for assistance in designing a project that will best meet the community’s needs.  Our decisions on supporting a project are guided by our Community Development Guidelines and informed by the experience of our members in diverse real estate fields.  In addition, the Council’s decision informs our vote on the 46th Ward Planning and Zoning Committee.

Uptown is among the most diverse neighborhoods in the United States and Uptown United strives to make our diversity relational. We recognize that our diversity is economic as well, and one of our challenges is to foster a safe community that is inclusive, offers housing, goods and services for all, and attracts dollars and investment from outside our borders. How will we use our community assets: our population and density, our lakeside location, and our proximity to transportation, to continue to develop as a community?

Simply stated, our challenge in building one community will be:

  • To be mindful of the values established by the Corridors of Vision studies,
  • To protect and build upon our community assets, and
  • To attract goods, services, customers and investors to sustain the residential and commercial communities

It is these goals that the Development Council strives to attain when considering new development proposals.