Commercial District Beautification and Maintenance

Uptown United is able to help provide and maintain an attractive and appealing environment in the neighborhood through the use of Special Service Area (SSA) funding.  (hyperlink back to the SSA page) Uptown SSA#34 has enabled the installation of dozens of permanent, freestanding planters along the public way of Broadway, Sheridan, and Wilson.  Seasonal plantings and regular maintenance keep them fresh and attractive throughout the year.

SSA funds also provides sidewalk snow removal throughout commercial areas typically from mid-December to March. This effort is in partnership with Cleanslate Chicago whose teams are generally on the streets when snow accumulation reaches 2 inches.

Started in 2012, SSA#34 has funded weekly removal of smaller, ‘tag’ graffiti via use of safe, non-marring all-temperature products.

Community Grants

To nurture and build public awareness of the neighborhood’s unique history and culture through the sponsorship of public programs and initiatives that enhance the quality of life within the Uptown community, the Uptown SSA #34 sponsors public programs, events, initiatives, or services that demonstrate a measurable benefit to the community and foster community growth and development, with a focus on Uptown’s continued growth into an arts and entertainment district.


To download the application and learn about details and deadlines, click here.