Everyday, Business Partners, the Chamber for Uptown works hand in hand with Uptown businesses to solve their most pressing problems. Whether it’s consulting about permits, organizing business-to-business networking, facilitating connections, or planning social events to draw customers and attention, the Chamber’s goal is to nurture a diverse, vibrant, thriving, and strong Uptown. These business owners share why being a Chamber member is important to them:

Alchemia Art of Hair

alchemia“[The Chamber] is part of the community. In the end, we’re all in it to make the neighborhood friendlier and better to live in. It’s great to have people at your back to turn to when you don’t know your next steps are. Its just part of better supporting the community.”

My Chocolate Soul

My Chocolate Soul“The Chamber wants to connect to people and they do what they do well. It’s plugging in to connect to other businesses. I also try to go to the member events and. each time I went, I got to meet business owners and trade referrals.”

Mini Pharmacy TX

minitx-pharmacy“[Mini TX] joined the chamber because it’s good to be part of the Uptown community and I wanted Mini TX to be more visible… I also like to be in the know of what’s going on in Uptown. Without being a member I wouldn’t be and I don’t otherwise have time to.”

Uptown Bikes

uu-uptownbikes-c“You often don’t see the benefits of a Chamber until you need it, but Uptown United certainly came through for me and my business. During a challenging year, Uptown United has really been supportive.”