Wilson Underline: A Public Space under Wilson L Stop


Imagine… reclaiming a dark and dingy space below the Wilson ‘L’ station’s tracks into a vibrant, safe, and welcoming public space.

Chicago is paying attention to how we can bring innovative public space concepts to our community by capitalizing on ongoing public infrastructure improvements.

In 2015, Uptown United and its Development Partners committee joined forces with the Wilson L Public Space Committee, Graceland Wilson Neighbors Association, and many other community stakeholders to imagine such a design. The plan presents an alternative to the current plans for a fenced-in parking lot.

The plan also builds on work completed by Metropolitan Planning CouncilUIC’s Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) design studio, and mirrors efforts in New York City to re-imagine how transit infrastructure is designed and used.

Over the last year the groups have incorporated feedback from community stakeholders and property and business owners adjacent to the site into their final design proposal.

Learn more about the renovation of the Wilson Station.
In the Press:
  Recently, over 900 Uptown residents answered a survey about whether they prefer CTA’s current plans or the Wilson Underline.UU-Underline-Results