Clifton Avenue Street Art Gallery

The Clifton Avenue Street Art Gallery in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood is an outdoor art gallery just steps from the CTA Wilson Station. Partially funded by the Uptown Special Service Area and developed by Uptown United in 2019, the Gallery is a partnership with community members and with artists from all over the globe. It’s a unique street art destination, currently showcasing 24 murals by 24 artists – and growing!


The Gallery includes 24+ outdoor large-scale murals, all in one block, an “open gallery” walkway. Visitors have the opportunity to walk through this unique Chicago street and soak in the tranquility of art in the middle of a diverse and vibrant urban neighborhood. Located between Wilson Avenue and North Broadway, this formerly less traveled block, now is a beautiful, cultural destination that enhances the area’s overall visual appearance, pedestrian activity, and safety.

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Steven Teller  –  If You Only Knew
Both human and natural strength is represented through Steven Teller’s beautifully stunning mural outside Cornerstone Community Outreach. The empowered female figure is an emblem of hope, resilience, and natural elegance. Hardy Blue Asters which surround the young woman, are a symbol of strength. The image is intended to bring hope and inspiration to the families and single adults who are moving to safe, stable housing through Cornerstone Community Outreach. | @steventellerarts



Anthony Lewellen  –  Garden Hope
In his formative years, Anthony Lewellen was an innovative figure within Chicago’s graffiti culture and is still active to this day. Early on he made a name for himself in the Midwest and beyond hallmarked by street work that featured a simple bold palette and emotionally complex characters born out of direct observation and digestion of life in the city. His work has come to include a growing body of large-scale public murals along with numerous private commissions. | @antckone



David Heo  –  Inhale, Exhale
David Heo is a Chicago-based artist. He recently received his Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Focusing on themes of casual intimacy and nightlife culture, his works reflect on the irregular rhythm of pleasure and leisure, fleeting moments and mundane relationships, while simultaneously addressing the complexity of Asian American identity. | @davheo



Daniel Wilson  –  Reflection
Daniel is a multi media artist from Cambridge, UK who now lives and works in Chicago. He worked as a press photographer for 10 years before pursuing his art full time. Daniel paints and draws in acrylic, pen, marker, spray paint, and ink and often uses his own photography in his work. His art looks at the hidden fabric behind the human condition, space and life; energy waves, atoms, thought, ideas, human connection. It often has a strong representation of human emotions, hidden feelings, and life behind life. | @daniel0wilson   



Mitch Reardon  –  Seascape
Mitch Reardon creates maze-like works featuring strong edges and vibrant colors. Through contrasting and spontaneous line work his pieces simultaneously create both a sense of structure and disarray. His art appears to be submerged in a fullweighted density of geometry. Strips of color appear as cubic forms that jump, fold, and bow together, moving the observer across the painted surface. His paintings are about the various ways that colors can reverberate and insinuate new depths within the limits of pictorial space. | @mitchpaintschicago   



Liz Flores  –  For the Bears Fans
Liz Flores is a Chicago based artist and muralist, painting the human form through shapes and colors. Working primarily with acrylic paint on canvas, her work is a reaction to life, an emotion, or a memory. Painting has always been her way of self-understanding and for viewers, it’s her hope that her work can spark self-reflection in their own life. In addition to working with private and commercial clients, she has shared her story on the TEDx stage and brought an interactive art installation to Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. | @lizitto 



Heart & Bone  –  I Will, We Will
Heart & Bone is a team of professional craft artists specializing in pristine brush work and has a diversified portfolio of signage for both local small business owners as well as national and global companies. No matter the scale of the project their intention is to provide the best traditional signage. Heart & Bone’s gold leaf and hand lettering is an indication of pride and a future investment for their valued customers. | @heartandbonesigns 



Eric Lee  –  Looming Large
Eric Lee began his street art career in 2015 with a goal to impact lives with art. By taking the viewer into consideration, he orchestrates experiences using trompe l’oeil effects and pop images as symbols. In this series about cultural symbols of value, he replaces common objects with cartoon representations of currency and gold. The depth created with shadows and the fantastic scale create a sense of awe for the viewer while the simplicity and boldness of the piece sneaks in a complex question of what we value in our culture and why. | @_e.lee_



Jenny Vyas  –  HowWillYouRISE
The mural captures phoenix rising from the ashes and inspires people to rise from adversity, pain, and hate in life. Women and children who are experiencing homelessness and currently sheltered at Hannah House applied the paint splatters found in HowWillYouRISE. Jenny is highly influenced by beauty in complex human emotions and the human condition, and attempts to reveal them through multiple nuances in expressions through her art. | @jennyvyas



Jeremy Novy  –  Koi
Jeremy Novy’s unique brand of street art is ripe with thoughtful social examinations. Novy has combated a homophobic lack of representation with a celebration of gay iconography, bringing joviality and warmth to disused urban spaces. Since graduating from Pecks School of the Arts, Novy’s art has been featured in numerous films, books, publications, and collections. His stencil work is cogent in its messaging and remarkably complex for its compositional simplicity. | @jeremynovy



Rodney Duran  –  Bison
Chicago artist Rodney Duran works with softer lines and dramatic shading to portray dreamlike and surreal human-esque figures and to put music into visual form. He represents a spirit of imagination and the exploration of how we see ourselves and each other. The juxtaposition of his work, the carefree creativity and the penetrating visions create a perfect balance, a show that will satisfy. Rodney has a vision of his own to change the world using art and music. | @rodneyduranart



Mara Baker  –  Chameleon Blind
Chameleon Blind is an ongoing multi-disciplinary body of serial work combining wood, metal, light, fiber processes, and animation to create multi-dimensional “light paintings” in storefront window spaces throughout the city of Chicago. Designed to be visible 24 hours a day the installations light up each night at dusk allowing commuters and pedestrians to experience the work as it transforms from day to night. Over the last six years, Chameleon Blind has had nine iterations in both traditional and non-traditional gallery spaces across the city of Chicago. | @mara_j_baker



BOJITT  –  I See You
Bojana Ilic – BOJITT is a Serbian-born and raised, Chicago based abstract artist with a degree in clothing and textile design. After a successful 10-year career in the fashion industry in Europe, Bojana moved to the United States where she lives now with her son. Her art can be seen in commercial spaces, restaurants, and private collections throughout Chicago and the U.S. as well as internationally. Bojitt also regularly performs her art for fundraisers and other events. True collaboration and honest expression are BOJITT’s strongest assets. Her success stems from her extensive experience and ability to bring ideas to fruition in a unique and professional manner. | @bojanailic_bojitt 


Cecil Balmond OBE  –  Arpeggio
Composed of an illuminated sculpture reflected in mirrored wall panels, Cecil Balmond’s artwork lends dramatic contrast to the Wilson station lobby, celebrating the shapes, textures, and rhythms of Uptown’s rich cultural history. The folded geometric forms and wood-grain finishes are borrowed from 1920’s Art Deco design, a style prevalent in the historic architecture of this community. Uptown’s legacy in the development and performance of the art form of jazz is signified in the name of the artwork. The musical term Arpeggio describes a type of broken chord, played in succession, either ascending or descending. Such a rhythmic sequence may be interpreted, visually, in the undulating forms, ever-shifting colors, and reflections this artwork provides. Cecil Balmond OBE is an internationally renowned artist, designer and engineer whose projects bridge the disciplines of art and science, focusing on the concept of space and the meaning of geometry, form and structure. | @cecilbalmond



Christian Paz  –  Lakefront
Christian beautifully combines spray paint and street art gradients with colors found in nature. His work is inspired by iconic scenes found in city life. His mural located on Leland Avenue just north of Clifton Avenue pays homage to Uptown’s Lakefront, which provides some of the most stunning views of Downtown Chicago year round.  @paz_312



Left Handed Wave  –  Beyond
Once described as ‘beyond human dreams of loveliness,’ the Uptown Theatre represents all of Uptown both past and present. As an entertainment destination, unique signage has flourished in Uptown for over a century. ‘Beyond’ not only represents the mystique of the theatre, but also represents the mystique of the entire neighborhood. Much like the theatre, a lot of Uptown has been shuttered and forgotten and ‘Beyond’ is an insightful way to shed light on the past while paving more ground for an exciting future in Uptown. | @lefthandedwaved



Jeff Zimmermann  –  Lucy’s
Jeff Zimmermann has achieved national and international recognition for his large scale murals featuring painted images of contemporary pop culture and sensitively rendered portraits. The images are discrete and floating, knitted together by geometric areas of flat color. The overall aesthetic is smooth and sensual: shiny metal and glossy surfaces, rendered in saturated colors. Zimmermann’s paintings have the sex appeal of commercial art, and any irony surrounding that connection is light and playful. | @jeffzimmermann



Bachor  –  Alley Cat
In the ancient world, mosaics were used to capture images of everyday life. Using the same materials, tools, and methods of the archaic craftsmen, Bachor creates mosaics that speak of modern things in an ancient voice. His work locks into mortar unexpected concepts drawn from the present. By harnessing and exploiting the limitations of this indestructible technique, his work surprises the viewer while challenging long-held notions of what a mosaic should be. | @bachor



Brett Whitacre  –  Ode to the Messenger
Brett’s imagery always has a retro feel which he attributes to growing up in the 70’s and 80’s and watching loads of TV and movies. Intense colors and color gradients are typical of his aesthetic. There’s always an element of whimsy, as his sense of humor naturally comes through his work. Forward movement is also a theme. Brett is constantly propelled to create a new site or happening. In his work positivity is present almost to a fault as he often glasses over health situations or dangerous conditions for the sake of progress. | @brettwhitacreart



Jaz-On  –  Angels on the Ground
Jaz-On works with different medium to portray his expression of combining opposite elements into unity which he calls Zigzagism, which is thought to illustrate the vast and contradicting lifestyle of the post-modern human being. It borrows elements from early modern expressions in art such as distorted imagery and shattered outlines. He considers his invented genre to be “the invisible bridge between impressionism and cubism.”  Zigzagism shows the dramatic shifts of positive and negative moods a post-modern human conveys. | @jaz.on.zigzagism



Michelle Lytle  –  Essanay
Michelle Lytle is an experienced and skilled photographer working out of the Chicagoland area. She has studied at Columbia College Chicago as well as the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she built on her experience in both digital and film mediums. In addition to her work with weddings, she also has a passion for photographing animals. In recent years she has enjoyed turning her camera on her own family as she raises her one year old daughter, Sunny. | @thelytlehouse



Mosher  –  Matter of Time
Mosher is a Chicago-based street artist and muralist. His trademark ape character and vivid comic book painting style are an iconic part of the burgeoning Chicago mural scene. Originally from Florida, Mosher is obsessed with cartoons and comic books. He began making art at a very young age and has continued drawing heavily from these early influences. His work can be found in numerous cities including New York, Boulder, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Miami, Toronto, and St. Petersburg. | @moshershow



Frank Quintero  –  Home in Uptown
Through the years, while participating in the creation of murals across his hometown city of Chicago, art has allowed Frank to develop a dialogue about expression, social change, and the diverse transformation occurring in our communities. Frank sees firsthand how the youth in our neighborhoods are immediately drawn to a mural when it’s painted. They’re always eager to participate, paint, and learn more about art. | @fqart



Rodney Duran  –  Street Queen
Chicago artist Rodney Duran works with softer lines and dramatic shading to portray dreamlike and surreal human-esque figures and to put music into visual form. He represents a spirit of imagination and the exploration of how we see ourselves and each other. The juxtaposition of his work, the carefree creativity and the penetrating visions create a perfect balance, a show that will satisfy. Rodney has a vision of his own to change the world using art and music. | @rodneyduranart



Uptown United  –  Uptown Love
An experiential mural located underneath the Wilson CTA station. By day the mural reads “UPTOWN” and “LOVE” by night. This LED street art designed by Justin Weidl and installed by TFA Signs is the perfect place to show your L-O-V-E for Uptown. | @exploreuptownchi


Be a Part of the Art – How to Support

The Clifton Avenue Street Art Gallery is especially unique in that it is a partnership with the entire community – and every tax-deductible contribution makes a difference!

It takes tens of thousands of dollars to create and maintain this massive arts destination, and we couldn’t do it without financial support. All donations are tax-deductible and sponsors will enjoy chances to meet the artists, get behind-the-scenes, and promote their brands, all at once. No matter the size of your tax-deductible donation, your contribution will help us bring more art and energy to Clifton Avenue and Uptown!

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As your local Ace Hardware, we are one of 5,000+ Ace stores locally owned and operated across the globe. But we are not just about numbers. We are about helping neighbors, because each one of our stores is a part of your community. We are all committed to being “the Helpful Place” by offering our customers personal service, quality products and a convenient shopping experience from the local experts who know you best. As the helpful hardware folks in your neighborhood, we promise that helping you is the most important thing we have to do today.

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Cornerstone Community Outreach (CCO) was founded in 1989 to raise the quality of life for low-income residents in the Uptown area of Chicago. Over the last twenty-four years, CCO’s programs have expanded to serve nearly 500 men, women, and children daily. With Cornerstone’s help these families and individuals can begin to build a new life, one step at a time.


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