Access Your Lightcodes Chicago

Access Your Lightcodes Chicago

Together we light up Chicago and beyond reawakening our inner light codes.

Join Cindy Huston founder of Yoga Body Elements who will facilitate.

We will open with each participant recreating new possibilities, and begin matching the body's energy to those possibilities.  Each participant will practice with 3-4 essential oils selected to support that individual's journey with their light codes. 

Weaving into the heart space each participant will receive a serving of Keith's Cacao prepared by ceremonial cacao practitioner Cindy. 

Expanding with 11/22/33 minutes of breathwork accompanied by the Biocharger NG. 

$77 investment.

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or call/text 773-891-7071


Date/Time May 21 2023, 12:00am - 11:59pm
Location Yoga Body Elements 
4007 N. Broadway
*press #202 slowly
Phone Yoga Body Elements 773-891-7071