Illinois Center for Kathak –Storytelling through Dance

Illinois Center for Kathak --Storytelling through Dance

Shared Stories are powerful.
Shared stories connect, build communities, and heal wounds; new and old.
Words often fail us in sharing stories, however dance and expression can reach beyond borders of land and language.  Come learn and witness how stories can be shared through dance and expression. 
11:00 AM:  Dance with E’a.  Move freely with music and drums. Learn to inhabit your body, feel the earth and nature, and enjoy moving. 
11:30 AM:  Story telling.  Shiwali will demonstrate the elements of sharing stories through dance.  We would request you to share an emotion or story that you feel comfortable sharing and dancing with community.
Noon: Dance Your Story with Shiwali.   We will all put our stories to dance.  Don’t want to share your story -  dancing other peoples story is also helpful in building empathy, in finding shared emotions. Just dance the same story in your own beautiful style. 
We hope for you to join in dancing and healing together. 

About Illinois Center for Kathak
Illinois center for kathak (“ICKathak”) is a registered not-for-profit organization focused on education of a
northern Indian dance form Kathak. In addition to kathak dance classes, our goal is to organize free events
across Uptown and Chicago using movement mediation and dance principals to help people live active lives
and build stronger communities.
ICKathak started in Jan 2020 and received its 501( c)(3) status in Jan 2021. Soon after we opened the dance
teaching program, COVID hit. We quickly started teaching online free of charge. We now have students
attending classes from India, Chicago, and its neighborhoods.
ICKathak is also the organizer of annual festival Uptown Rhythm Festival held in Uptown highlighting the
diverse dance community of Uptown and Chicago while encouraging sharing information about sustainable


Date/Time July 22 2023, 11:00am - 12:30pm
Location 4628 N. Winthrop Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640
Phone John Blick
AdmissionAll Winthrop Family Historical Garden events are free to attend