Live Music Restorative Yoga Chicago

Live Music Restorative Yoga Chicago

Make time for yourself.
Live Music Restorative Yoga Chicago

Make time for yourself. Join us for a two hour restorative yoga class with Cindy Huston. Students will hold traditional restorative yoga postures that improve circulation and digestion, remove toxins, and reduce muscle tension. Your body is supported with blankets, blocks and cushions, allowing you to gently stretch and relax. Gentle meridian massage and hands on Reiki will be offered while resting in the postures. Meridian massage supports movement and toning of the organs, and Reiki invites the body into an alpha theta state similar to meditation or falling asleep. Applied together, yoga, massage and Reiki can relieve depression, anxiety, chronic and acute pain, and boost the immune system. Cindy is a Reiki Master Teacher and has a new CD available entitled “Restorative Yoga with Cindy Huston.

Meet Peter - Peter’s foray into the world of sound healing services Chicago began in 2009 with the launch of Heaven’s Lounge. This groundbreaking podcast quickly gained global recognition on iTunes, taking listeners on transcendent, out-of-body experiences that led to profound healing revelations. 
The full scope of Peter’s healing abilities came into focus following a life-altering diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma in 2019. This pivotal moment led him to delve deeper into the science of sound frequencies, crystallizing his understanding of their therapeutic power. Now, Peter channels this healing energy through the sacred resonance of crystal bowls.

As your modern-day guardian angel, Peter’s mission is to spread hope and healing, one sound wave at a time.


Date/Time November 4 2023, 12:00am - 11:59pm
Location Yoga Body Elements 
4007 N. Broadway
*press #202 slowly
Phone Yoga Body Elements
Admission$55.00 earlybird /$77.00 week of event

$88.00 both Live Music Restorative Yoga and Soundbath with Biocharger NG