September 13, 2023 | Posted by Justin Weidl

On August 1st, 2023, the Foster Beach located flying trapeze school known as Trapeze School New York shut it's doors as the owners of the school were ready to retire. But have no fear, a new trapeze school has formed in their place called Get a Grip Trapeze.

Birgit and Brian Hampton were long time employees of the former trapeze school and didn’t want to see flying trapeze leave Chicago so with the help of their students, they formed a new company to keep the community going, to inspire new and old flyers to keep swinging and achieving their goals, and to provide the public with a chance to try this exciting circus apparatus. Not only is trapeze a great workout, but trapeze provides many people with a place to get away from their daily life and do something they enjoy with a supportive and safe environment.

With the help of the Chicago Park District, the flying trapeze school has been able to provide year-round services with the use of the Broadway Armory in the winter months and the lakeside location just South of Foster Beach for the summer months. Classes cost anywhere from $40-$70, and they recommend ages 6-100.  They not only have flying trapeze, but offer classes for trampoline, aerial silks, aerial sling, and static trapeze. So, if you don’t like the height of the trapeze, there are many other classes you can try. Birgit and Brian are so happy to be joining the uptown community and hope to provide a positive experience for all who come to try it. You can find them at or you can find them on the directory. They would love for you to “swing” by and introduce yourself. Welcome to the Chicago Uptown community!