July 26, 2019 | Posted by Justin Weidl

Artist Steven Teller has begun painting a new mural on the exterior wall of 835 W. Montrose Avenue in Uptown. Inspired by the nearby Montrose Bird Sanctuary, the mural is funded through the Public Art Grant Program of the Uptown Special Service Area and Uptown United.

“This mural will reflect the natural beauty of local lands, engage the public audience into a moment of beauty, and inspire the community,” the artist said. “With years of painting large scale murals, my main intention has always been to engage the public audience, as well as bring a sense of beauty and inspiration into the area. I feel that this project aligns with this to enhance the neighborhood in new and inspiring ways.”

This mural will feature native flora and fauna to Illinois, Blue Aster flowers and Nelson Sparrows. “These flowers are wildflowers that sprout up in different places throughout the Midwest, but have a strong presence throughout Illinois,” Teller said. “Similarly, the Nelson Sparrow frequents areas like the Montrose Bird Sanctuary, just down the road from Buena Park, and travels throughout the mid-west in its migratory patterns.”

The realistically painted flowers and birds will be intertwined with two-dimensional linear shapes to create a juxtaposition of space and add a modern feeling to the piece.

“By painting these subjects, we will be bringing a beautiful sense of nature straight into the streets of Uptown.”

Throughout the week of painting, these blue asters will grow up the wall of the Buena Terrace Condos, while the sparrows find their branches to perch upon. Teller aims to complete the mural during the weeks of June 3-20th. The size of the wall is approximately 20’ wide x 45’ tall = ~900 sq. ft.

About the Artist
Steven Teller is a self-employed artist currently based in St. Augustine, FL. He creates paintings, drawings, illustrations, murals, and public works of art. He is currently working out of his studio, selling his work through online platforms, and selling locally and at national art fairs/festivals. He describes his paintings as an abstracted psychedelic realism that features human figures and animals in nature.

Justin Weidl, Business District Manager
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