June 25, 2020 | Posted by Justin Weidl

The Uptown Theatre has been described as 'beyond human dreams of loveliness' and Chicago-based artist Left-Handed Wave really wanted to highlight this quote in a way that represents the character of Uptown both past and present.

While researching all of the great signage that used to and still does exist in Uptown, artist Left-Handed Wave (LHW) pulled up countless photos, fliers, postcards, and matchbooks from the neighborhood’s various establishments and dissected the most unique signage that has flourished in Uptown for over a century. ‘Beyond human dreams of loveliness’ reads 29-letters long. LHW recreated the quote using 29 unique letters that have been re-created from the neighborhood’s historic and current signage. Below is lengthy list of where each letter comes from with the original address.

LHW says “I think ‘beyond human dreams of loveliness’ not only represents the mystique of the Uptown Theatre, but it also represents the mystique of the entire neighborhood. Much like the theatre, a lot of ‘old’ Uptown has been shuttered and forgotten and this mural is an insightful way to shed light on the past while paving more ground for an exciting future in Uptown.”

The mural can be seen at Harry S Truman College, located at 1145 W Wilson Avenue, Chicago, IL 60640.  To learn more about the artist visit:  lefthandedwave.com or @lefthandedwave on Instagram.

B: Burlesk Backstage, 935 Wilson Ave
E: Essany Film Manufacturing Co, 1345 W Argyle St
Y: Asia on Argyle, Argyle St between Broadway & Winthrop
O: Argmore Theatre, Argyle & Kenmore
N: Harry S Truman College, 1145 W Wilson Ave
D: Mode Theatre, 3912 N Sheridan

H: Howey’s Old World Inn, 5120 N Broadway
U: Uptown Theatre, 4816 N Broadway
M: Majestic for Men, 4701 N Broadway
A: Honolulu Harry’s Waikiki, 804 Wilson Ave
N: Aragon Ballroom Menu, 1106 W Lawrence Ave

D: Doublyn, 1144 Wilson Ave
R: Riviera Theatre, 4746 N Racine Ave
E: Kinetic Playground, 4812 N Clark St
A: Aragon Ballroom, 1106 W Lawrence Ave
M: Green Mill, 4802 N Broadway St
S: Harry S Truman College, 1145 W Wilson Ave

O: Me Too Accessories, 4541 N Clark St 
F: Warehouse Furniture Outlet (McJunkin Building), 4554 N Broadway 

L: Barouge Lounge, 1201 W Wilson
O: Devine’s Foot Soap Co, 4903 N Ravenswood
V: Viceroy Hotel, 4758 Kenmore Ave
E: Felix Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge, 1101 Lawrence Ave
L: Star of Texas Liquor & Wine, 4818 N Broadway
I: Loren Miller & Co Dry Goods, Broadway & Lawrence
N: Mekong Vietnamese, 4953-55 N Broadway
E: Edgewater Beach Hotel, 5300 N Sheridan
S: Hotel Sheridan Plaza, 4706 N Sheridan
S: Saxony Liquors, 1136 W Lawrence Ave