January 15, 2022 | Posted by John Blick

CHICAGO, IL — The COVID-19 pandemic and the civil unrest following the death of George Floyd brought new, unprecedented challenges to many Uptown businesses and service providers. Yet this community has proved it is tenacious, creative, and will persevere. Through its Uptown Strong campaign, the Uptown Chamber of Commerce shares personal stories, fosters connections for employers and job seekers, and invites people across Chicago to experience the outstanding cuisine and culture of Uptown with a stunning 60-page food guide.

Uptown Strong activities include:

  • A series of video stories featuring five trailblazing entrepreneurs and social justice advocates who innovated upon their business models, with excellent results
  • A 60-page ad-free food guide that features Uptown’s incredibly diverse culture and delicious cuisine. The guide is distributed to over 130 hotels, over 6000 residential addresses, and 250+ local business locations
  • A jobs module within the Uptown Chamber website to support both employers and jobseekers
  • Production and marketing support for “Winter Walk on Wilson,” a festive annual event featuring artists, musicians, local businesses and made possible through collaborations between the Chamber, the CTA and the SSA.

The Uptown Strong campaign is made possible through a grant from the City of Chicago’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection’s COVID-19 Small Business Support grant program.

Launched by Mayor Lori. E. Lightfoot and the City of Chicago’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP), the CSBS Grant program awarded funding to 41 nonprofit organizations to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with targeted assistance, expert training and resources to help address common challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CSBS Grant supports Chicago’s small business ecosystem by delivering highly specialized business programs and services to business owners and aiding them in their recovery from the COVID-19 public health emergency. The targeted relief and neighborhood development support to businesses and communities along Chicago’s commercial corridors will help to drive economic recovery.


Uptown Chamber of Commerce  and Uptown United  are partner organizations that share a mission to build a strong, unified business environment; facilitate economic development; and strengthen community—all to nurture a diverse, vibrant, thriving, and strong Uptown. Uptown’s business association since 1923, the Uptown Chamber of Commerce is one of Chicago’s oldest Chambers of Commerce.

Sarah Wilson, Executive Director 
Uptown United and Uptown Chamber of Commerce
4619 N Broadway Ave, Chicago, IL 60640
Phone: 773.878.1064