December 15, 2022 | Posted by Justin Weidl

Uptown United and the 46th Ward invites you to participate in a site development study to explore how policies and initiatives from the City of Chicago’s new eTOD ordinance affects Uptown. We have observed increased development interest for sites located near the Wilson CTA Station, and it has become clear the importance of engaging community stakeholders in shaping a vision for these sites. Results of this study will be used as a guide for future development throughout the neighborhood.  With this study, we expect to create exciting, viable development proposals for these parcels, rooting their ideas in realistic information about what the market can support and securing equitable development that serves the neighborhood near the Wilson Station. Our collective goal is not to reach consensus on any one vision, but to identify areas of broad agreement about the future of these parcels and the Wilson/Broadway corridors. This process will serve as a model for how proactive planning can attract development that meets the needs and desires of local residents and businesses, connects people to jobs and amenities, and increase transit ridership. View the webinar from December 14th below!