Uptown is home to nearly 100 nonprofit organizations that serve Uptown and beyond by offering food, shelter, and critical resources to those in need. The Uptown nonprofit sector is big enough that it forms a key part of the social fabric and economic well-being of the community, contributing greatly to the local economy through the organizations’ deep roots, stability, and employee spending.

These institutions also contribute greatly to the community by also relying on local professional services such as banking, legal, and catering offered by nearby for-profit businesses, while their often highly educated and skilled employees support local retail and food service providers by shopping locally.

Creating High-Quality Jobs

Uptown’s 98 nonprofits employ more than 4,000, representing 13.5 percent of Uptown’s workforce – with 66 percent employed full-time.

Stabilizing Institutions

The average nonprofit has been in Uptown almost 33 years. These long-standing organizations’ serve as anchors in the neighborhood whose longevity provides stability to the community. Uptown’s nonprofit community also occupies nearly 300,000 square feet of office space throughout the neighborhood.

Supporting Local Businesses

The Uptown nonprofit sector supports local businesses through the retention of services such as banking, copying/printing, food, legal services, and IT.

Also, organizations host both formal and informal events at local Uptown venues utilizing local catering services. Revenue generated by special events from Uptown’s nonprofits totaled an estimated $1.9 million annually.

Employee Spending

A recent survey found that those employed in the Uptown nonprofit sector like to spend their money at nearby businesses in the neighborhood, with restaurants and retail stores being businesses most frequently visited.

Total spending by employees of all nonprofits in Uptown is estimated to reach $195,000 each week, or up to $10.14 million annually.