Storefront Design Guidelines

Uptown has a rich history as a neighborhood with a variety of architectural styles and streetscapes. Within these spaces, each business is one-of-kind and good storefront design communicates what is special and distinct about each business. For some, particularly those providing entertainment in the form of music, food, or drink, vibrant signage with lighting and color may be appropriate. For others, signage and storefront design should be simple and clear to direct customers without distracting from their buildings’ architectural style.

Download a copy of the Uptown Guide to Good Storefront Design

Signage and storefront design offers businesses the opportunity to make a first impression and create a mood. With thoughtful exterior branding, businesses can define a unique sense of place that creates a destination that can lead to repeat customers, word of mouth marketing, and economic vitality. Good storefronts can also build pride for long-time local business owners and increase identity for the neighborhood as a whole, preserving and enhancing the cultural heritage that makes Uptown a unique and special destination.

Uptown United has created a publication, the Uptown Guide to Good Storefront Design to assist Uptown businesses with design guidelines that include:

  • Facades
  • Awnings
  • Window Displays
  • Signage Exterior Lighting & Landscaping
  • Sidewalk Cafes
  • Public Art
  • Rebate and Grant Programs

For a printed copy of this publication, please contact us at 773.878.1064.

Curb Appeal Rebate Program

The Curb Appeal Rebate Program is intended for small business or property owners who may be limited in their funding with the goal to help leverage funds in order to upgrade, preserve, or restore storefronts and display windows or install creative new signage. All applications must follow the guidelines of the Uptown Guide to Good Storefront Design.

Important: Rebates must be approved prior to beginning any work on a project. Any project that has started or is complete prior to approval is not eligible for any rebate or grant programs. Consult the rebate program application for complete rules and requirements.

Download the Curb Appeal Rebate Program Application