Development Partners Committee

Uptown United’s Development Partners committee works to guide and encourage healthy and sustainable development in Uptown, as well as engaging in its own development projects. Development Partners is organized as a volunteer advisory council made up of landowners, architects, residents, real estate professionals, social service providers, developers, and experts from across the community. Committee members have expertise in: commercial and residential real estate development, historic preservation, affordable housing, small business, urban planning, community engagement, urban sustainability, economic development, and much more.

Working closely with the other arms of Uptown United, Development Partners’ mission is to initiate and participate in strategic planning, promote appropriate land use, and encourage development projects that provide employment opportunities, a strengthened economic base, and an enhanced quality of life for Uptown’s diverse population.

Development Partners meets the last Wednesday of every month at 8:00 am. Contact us if you like to learn more or present to the Development Partners committee.