Hearthstone & Terrace

Hearthstone & Terrace is a beautiful furniture, home and botanical showroom owned by JT Murray, Designer, and Charlie Murray, Botanist.

JT and Charlie received the keys to their new space here in Uptown just two days before the city shut down due to COVID. When it became clear that this shut down would last longer than expected, it turned into a do-or-die moment for them. All their funds were tied up in furniture and home products they had purchased before the opening. But those products were suddenly unavailable. Factories were shut down and shipping was at a standstill. When the governor announced garden centers were allowed to open, they used their personal credit cards to buy plants and ripped apart wooden shelving units to build tables for a garden center. Plants became their life line in the beginning and have now become an even bigger part of the business than they ever expected. Through creative pivoting and the support of the community, their store took on a life of its own and they continue to expand their offerings each season.