The Baton Show Lounge

The Baton Show Lounge is the longest running, most prestigious show of its kind in the country and across the globe. They are famous for presenting the best of the best in the art of female impersonation. As a part of Uptown Strong, we talked with Co-Owners, Jim Flint and Christophe Chiavazza.

The onset of the pandemic coincided with their first anniversary at their new location here in Uptown. With restrictions rapidly changing there was a lot of uncertainty. They didn’t know how to keep building their business or even when they could reopen their doors. When the city announced establishments with a patio and food service could safely open, they had to think fast. They had always planned to add food options and build a patio, but the pandemic forced them to do things much quicker. They weren’t quite ready for it but it was the only solution. With the guidance of the Uptown Chamber of Commerce, they were able to get the necessary permits, build a kitchen, a patio and a menu in record time. They ended up spending more money as a way to survive but it has paid off. The Uptown community has been incredibly supportive and this expansion of their business has allowed them to serve more people.