Uptown Neighborhood: Asia on Argyle

Asia on ArgyleThe blocks around the Argyle El station is home to Asia on Argyle, a distinct district within Uptown that’s brimming with character and history.

New Chinatown/Little Saigon

Once a Jewish community, Chinese immigrants in the 1970s and South East Asian refugees following the Fall of Saigon in the 1980s transformed the area as entrepreneurs opened restaurants, bakeries, and businesses. A network of service agencies drew more transplants, many of which still continue to serve Uptown’s residents.

United on Argyle

Today, entrepreneurs continue to be drawn to Argyle, with a spate of recent new eateries and cafes having opened near the EL station. Long-standing businesses are still thriving, with several now passed onto second generation owners, many of whom recently renovated their facades. The new street design allows businesses to open sidewalk cafes and provides more space for hosting street festivals, such as the Argyle Night Market that draws 20,000 attendees throughout the summer. Other happenings like Uptown Bikes’ pop-up bike store in a vacant CTA storefront and a pop-up holiday market have helped renew the area as a destination for both locals and visitors.