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As Uptown continues to grow as a premier location for public and private investment, the Chamber is dedicated to supporting and strengthening both existing and newcomer businesses.

To see this mission to its fullest potential, we continue to leverage the collective and collaborative power of our members’ network. In the current economic climate in our city and state, scarce resources necessitate, more than ever, collaboration between elected officials, non-profits, cultural institutions and business leaders. Business Partners remains uniquely positioned and qualified to serve as the focal point for this collaborative effort and to effect positive change in Uptown.

Uptown is a growing community with plenty of opportunity. Through marketing, advocacy, technical assistance, special events and business trainings, our Chamber works to keep your business — and the Uptown business community — a top choice for residents, visitors, consumers and investors. Our weekly online and social presence reaches 4,000 people, while our special events bring almost 40,000 people to Uptown each year.