2023 Centennial Year Street-Pole Banner Sponsorship


The Uptown Chamber of Commerce offers you a 24/7/365 promotional opportunity: custom street pole banners. Banners beautify and brand our area while putting your business in front of thousands of people passing through Uptown each day. One low price includes all  maintenance and permitting fees. The Uptown Chamber of Commerce handles the proofing process and banner maintenance. Catch the eyes of tourists, residents, and other businesses with street pole banner advertising.

Celebrate the centennial, reserve your banners!

2023 is Uptown Chamber of Commerce’s 100th year in service. To mark this milestone we’ll be updating our banner design in the historic entertainment district emanating from the intersection of Broadway and Lawrence.Uptown Square District. Your business can be part of the celebration and claim outdoor visibility among the landmark architecture and bustling thoroughfares.   Centennial banner sales occur concurrent with district-wide banner sales. Centennial banner colors are blue and pink, the colors used for banners in Uptown Square. Centennial banners will hang between Montrose and Ainslie along Broadway, and between Clark and Clarendon along Lawrence until all available poles have been filled.  Standard banner sales in all areas of Uptown will begin on Wednesday, March 29th 2023. Refer to the maps below for banner colors in Uptown’s sub-neighborhoods.


Banners measure 6 feet tall by 2.5 feet wide and are printed on double sided vinyl. Your business name or logo is printed on the bottom ten inches of your banner and will remain up for one year.  Business name is limited to 2 lines and is to be printed in standard font and color based on location. Sponsor portions are approximately 10 inches tall x 20 inches wide. Please contact us by phone at (773) 878-1184, or email John Blick.

Complete the form below to reserve your priority location!

After submitting this form, you will need to:
1. submit your text or logo file to
2. Staff will provide you with a banner proof showing location along with an invoice
3. When you’re satisfied with the design and location, you’ll sign the proof form pay with credit card online, over the phone, or with a check.
4. Once payment is received, your banner(s) will go to print and will be installed on a rolling basis, typically within a week.


  • Sponsored banners may include logo or up to two lines of text.
  • All text will be printed in young serif font.
  • All logos and text will be printed in reverse color on lower portion of banner (10″ tall by 20″ wide)
  • Location and size of sponsorship printable area are dictated by City of Chicago ordinance.
  • Uptown Chamber of Commerce staff will ask you to approve a proof of your banner prior to printing.
  • Color of banner is determined by location, (please see map for details).
  • Banner locations are not guaranteed and are installed on light poles along commercial and mixed-use streets throughout the service area of the Uptown Chamber of Commerce.
  • Your banner may not be placed outside of a direct competitor.
  • Your banner is guaranteed for one full year from date of installation (13 months for Centennial banners)
  • All banners are designed and installed per the City of Chicago street pole banner ordinance.
  • Please provide approximate address of desired banner locations (see map below for eligible streets).
  • Please note that some commercial streets do not have street poles or do not have poles to which banners can be attached.
  • Banner locations are available on a first come, first served basis.

Banner Form, online submission

Centennial banners will be contained in the Uptown Square district. Sponsorships for centennial banners are first come first serve with general sponsorship sales beginning Monday, March 27th.