About Uptown

Welcome to Uptown, Chicago’s entertainment hub and home to nearly 60,000 residents. Nestled along Lake Michigan about six miles north of downtown, Uptown was once dubbed “the Loop’s little brother.” Ever welcoming, and ever evolving, the neighborhood is a vibrant, living tapestry—as rich in history as it is in culture. Settled in the 1830s, Uptown has a colorful history as a hotspot for arts and entertainment. The neighborhood’s iconic Prohibition-era venues and ornate architecture are as beloved today as they were in the early decades of the 20th century.

Uptown has long been home to social activists and advocates, immigrants and refugees, and artists and entrepreneurs of every stripe, all of whom have helped shape the area as it is today—a microcosm of Chicago itself—a neighborhood of big shoulders and rich contrasts. Drawn to its ample green space, vast lakefront, historic nightlife, global culinary offerings, and agencies that care for those in need, a new generation of visitors and residents are discovering what long-time fixtures have always known—that Uptown is a community where all belong.

Bounded by Irving Park Road on the south to Foster Avenue on the north, Lake Michigan on the east and Ravenswood Avenue on the west, Uptown is one of the most ethnically and economically diverse communities in Chicago and its mix of locally owned businesses and nonprofit organizations reflects its storied history. From the tastes of Argyle Street to the lights of Uptown Square to leafy Buena Park, we invite you to explore Uptown. Browse through this website to learn more about our neighborhood, our businesses, news, events, and much more!

As the primary voice for business and economic development in our neighborhood, Uptown United & the Uptown Chamber of Commerce are pleased to provide you with this website to connect you with news, events, resources, and a directory of local businesses and organizations. Through our partnership, we work closely with Uptown’s many businesses, nonprofit organizations, and residents to enhance our vibrant community. The histories of Uptown and our organizations are inextricably linked. After all, it was one of the Chamber’s founding members who coined “Uptown” as the name for our neighborhood. Since its incorporation in 1923, the Chamber has been serving and promoting Uptown’s rich business districts and connecting local business owners with area residents and visitors.  

About Uptown United & Uptown Chamber of Commerce

Our organizations share a mission to build a strong, unified business environment; facilitate economic development; and strengthen community-all to nurture a diverse, vibrant, thriving, and strong Uptown. Uptown’s business association since 1923, the Uptown Chamber of Commerce is one of Chicago’s oldest Chambers of Commerce. While our focus is business development and promotion, we also recognize the cultural richness of our community to help make all of Uptown thrive.  Uptown United assists local businesses, investors, and community organizations, helping stimulate economic development to strengthen the community’s economic base, and address broad issues pertaining to quality of life for Uptown’s diverse population. Uptown United administers Uptown’s Special Service Area (SSA #34), a special taxing district that funds additional services, such as neighborhood beautification, within its boundaries. Learn more about our organizations and services.

If you have additional questions, explore this website, call us at 773.878.1184, or send us a note at