Rebate & Grant Programs

Uptown United offers several grant and rebate programs that are funded through the Uptown Special Service Area (SSA). 

Important: Rebates must be approved prior to beginning any work on a project. Any project that has started or is complete prior to approval is not eligible for any rebate or grant programs. Consult each rebate program application for complete rules and requirements.

Curb Appeal Rebate Program

The Curb Appeal Rebate Program is intended for small business or property owners who may be limited in their funding with the goal to help leverage funds to upgrade, preserve, or restore storefronts and display windows or install creative new signage. All applications must follow guidelines of the Uptown Guide to Good Storefront Design.

Download the Curb Appeal Rebate Application

Download the Uptown Guide to Good Storefront Design

First-Time Sidewalk Café Permit Rebate Program

To encourage the proliferation of sidewalk cafes in Uptown, the SSA has funded a program to help offset the costs of installing sidewalk cafes. This rebate will reimburse business owners the $600 City of Chicago sidewalk cafe permit for first-time applicants.

Download the First-Time Sidewalk Café Permit Fee Rebate Application

Security Rebate Program

The Security Rebate Program is intended for business and property owners who may be limited in their funding with the goal to improve the security and safety of not only their business or property but the public areas of Uptown as well.

Download the Security Rebate Application

Public Art Grant Program

The Uptown SSA also funds a Public Art Grant Program to capture and convey Uptown’s unique identity and sense of place. To be considered, there are several goals that application should strive for:

  • Nurture a pleasant and safe environment for residents, visitors, patrons, and businesses.
  • Celebrate Uptown’s rich history and architectural heritage.
  • Foster a visually attractive urban environment to showcase local establishments.
  • Display the cultural, economic, and historical diversity of Uptown.

Download the Public Art Grant Program Application

Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF) Rebate Program

The SBIF program uses Tax Increment Financing (TIF) revenues to help owners of commercial and mixed-use properties within specific TIF districts to repair or remodel their property. Program participants can receive matching grants to cover up to 75% of the cost of remodeling work, with a maximum grant amount of $100,000 per owner/tenant of multi-tenant properties with no more than $250,000 overall per property.

SBIF grants are provided to property owners after remodeling work is completed and all expenses are paid. Our team has experience assisting businesses with the SBIF program, so please reach out to us for assistance. Find out more information at